task two ~ thoughts and ideas about assignment 3.

I am still not completely sure if i will end up choosing this idea for the final assignment as i think it may come across a bit too cliche`, but nonetheless here are my thoughts and ideas…

For the final assignment I am planning on exploring the change in everyday life from someone who has lost someone in his or her immediate family.

I am planning on interviewing three people of various ages, who had lost either a mother or father and how they had to adapt to a new life.

I wish to explore what the first steps in this process are, aswell as many other stages along the way.

I hope to primarily explore how things changed overtime and how it made the subject feel when a new member was brought into the family – ie, father re-marrying.

What went on behind the scenes, was it as easy as it appeared? Was it difficult? did it cause a family breakdown? did it strengthen the family again?

I hope to use original photographs of the homes from all three characters, aswell as ambient sound that will reflect what is being said in the interview. For example – anger: things smashing, maybe pots and pans, doors slamming. Television sounds, sounds of cooking and/or running water to grasp the true essence of home life.


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