Month: August 2014

Pondering upon Assignment One.

When Thinking about this assignment and brainstorming different ideas in which to portray meaning between a particular person and place; it was clear to me that I would chose Jarrod Crick, a 19 year old Go-Kart racer whose fascination with racing has led to a realm of possibilities and new shared bonds.

Since Jarrod was born he has always had an association with racing through Rodney Crick, his father – multi Australian title-holder for truck racing. Jarrod has only recently lost his father, so the connection they used to share on the race track has continued, and Jarrod’s love for racing has strengthened even further. Jarrod believes he is making his father proud when he races, so wearing his racing suit is of utter significance and importance to him. Every time he races go-karts he feels it is a tribute to his Dad, as he displays Rodney’s racing number on his kart.

Jarrod not only feels a sense of connection to the racing and the go-kart track in general; but also to the place inside his heart in which racing takes him.

I want to portray this significance, not only in Jarrod’s individual love for racing, but how it makes him feel closer to his father as he continues the journey of what they once loved to do together. Jarrod races with his younger brother Cameron, and their relationship has never been greater in Jarrod’s opinion; he believes it has everything to do with the his dad and the track.

I hope to grasp aspects of these relationships, and the memory the brothers share of their family when they race. I would like the tone to be reflective and somewhat conversational and the mood to be enlightening, with hints of emotion. I would like Jarrod to share his story and what he feels when he is out there on the track.

Jarrod wearing his Dad's racing gear and a huge smile.

Jarrod wearing his Dad’s racing gear and a huge smile.


Abbie’s Place

Abbie refers to ‘the gym’ as her place. Her safe place. Her happy place. Her peaceful place. Her Challenging place. Whenever she has the chance she escapes to her local gym in order to escape reality and unwind with a bit of exercise. She Cant go more than a couple of days without going to the gym – so when it came to picking a subject for this assignment I knew I had to portray abbie and her connection with the gym.

“Something about putting in my earphones, blocking everything out, and just running – trying to meet a new goal each time.”

It doesn’t matter whether she is by herself or with friends, an hour at the gym allows her time to think, reflect on the day, clear her mind as well as getting seem physical activity.
A healthy lifestyle is extremely important for Abbie, not only eating healthy drinking water and working out, but setting and meeting goals and challenging herself is something she believes contributes.

It was challenging trying to record a sound through the chatter of people, background music, huffing a puffing and the noise of the machines – however I soon realised all these components truly grasped the essence of the gym in it’s purest form.

“It’s true – a healthy body is a healthy mind.”

The Gym

Abbie feels a real sense of connection when she is at the gym. Not only does she believe it is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also a place where she can relax with her own thoughts, meet friends and new people and challenge herself each time.

IMG_8208 IMG_8212 IMG_8213 IMG_8224 IMG_8228 IMG_8239 IMG_8250Being at the gym inspires Abbie to make and achieve new goals, grow confidence in herself and learn new things.