Month: April 2014

The dreamer

Becoming more and more comfortable and passionate about the journey through University – Ashleigh, an 18 year old Communications and media student aspiring to make a dent in the world as a journalist – expresses how she feels about her studies so far. Ashleigh communicates to the interviewer how she copes with stress, in particular how meditation, nature and spiritual relaxation calms her mind and soul and allows her to become at ease. She touches on what she is passionate about, what she loves about uni and how the campus itself accommodates her learning experience.


Gasping for air

Peering through imminent trees and green plants toward the luscious Mckinnon lawn – a place for relaxation, reading, catching up, sport and eating – this image captures a girl sitting on a bench in the glistening sun, who appears to be studying. The image truly grasps a sense of University life, particularly the amazing tranquillity, serenity and natural elements of the campus itself. It signifies the individuality and self-motivating tools you need during the Uni journey, in order to stay stress-free, motivated and independent. The image depicts a sense of spiritual tranquillity, as the shadows symbolize a silent and natural impression.

A young girl sits on the McKinnon Lawn seeking fresh air and quiet.

A young girl sits on the McKinnon Lawn seeking fresh air and quiet.

The hot-spot attraction

Whether it be people gathering to work on a group assignment , catching up on tute work, having a coffee break or just meeting friends for lunch, the vibe this little uni café brings is incredible. The atmosphere, the people, the music and the environment are enough to relax any individual and accommodate a social, yet constructive period of time. There is so much room and seating for individuals to sit, as well as bigger tables for groups of people. One young woman was quoted,

“it’s just such an awesome place to interact with different people, get stuff done and just chill out”. (Christina Ward)

The image captures the gorgeous environment as well as the breathtaking and networking atmosphere the café brings to University life.

Pannizzi Cafe - UOW's hot- spot.

Pannizzi Cafe – UOW’s hot- spot.

Attack stress – Brought to you by the experts

The question ‘How do you manage stress?’ was asked to a variety of different university students. Again many opinions, tips and activities were shared throughout the video. A theme soon became evident and this was that being outside amongst the nature can create a sense of relaxation for many students. A whole range of ideas were also shared, from baking cupcakes, to talking with friends, to working out and playing sport; all things in which individuals from UOW sought for as a stress-relief. This Vox Pop captures the individuality and diversity our University offers, and grasps a sense of the humble personalities UOW has created.

Watch to gain some tips!


social > study?

A diverse range of opinions were expressed through a wide range of randomly picked University students in this short 2 minutes, when I asked what was their favourite thing about UOW. Many answers leaned toward the vibe, appearance and environmental aspects of the campus which led many to believe it created a stress free environment. If only one conclusion was to be made about the life of students at the University of Wollongong it would definitely be the relaxation, bliss and networking it provides students with, allowing for a memorable University experience.

What is YOUR favourite thing about UOW?


The Passionate

Talented, beautiful, relaxed and determined are only a few words that describe this girl. Striving for a life full of adventure, opportunity and Travel, Lauren picked UOW to embrace her youth and become equipped with the knowledge she needs for her future.

“I want to live without stress and worries – I just want to be happy.”

Lauren knows that deadlines, stress and pressure are a given in the real world, yet if she surrounds herself with an encouraging environment and supporting people she can overcome stress, and ultimately do something she is passionate about.

Lauren, 18, UOW student, passionate reader, hard-worker and enthused goal-setter.

Lauren, 18, UOW student, passionate reader, hard-worker and enthused goal-setter.

The Courageous

“I LOVE this university and the awesome vibe it brings – it just makes me feel so relaxed.”

The smile on this young woman’s face nor the glisten in her eyes doesn’t fade when she’s enjoying time outside. This portrait of Kirsty reflects her bubbly and determined attitude toward not only university life, but a new chapter in her life. The green natural background symbolises the love and ease of nature and how the university facilitates a stress-free learning environment for her. Along with her glowing eyes and lit-up face, determination and happiness is captured.

Kirsty, 18, UOW student, "Friends" lover and interactive learner.

Kirsty, 18, UOW student, “Friends” lover and interactive learner.

The Surfer

“I find comfort when I’m in the ocean … Nature in general just puts me at ease”

When Adam feels stress dawn upon him he always turns to the great outdoors to relax and revegetate. Before a big exam or test he will go for a surf, go for a walk, or just vedge out in the sun to rid him of any stress. His connection with nature is portrayed in his laid back, down to earth personality and this connection is further grasped in this personal and emotional portrait. “I find everything easier when I’m outside in the fresh air.” A career based outdoors is what Adam aspires for – and becoming a journalist could possibly give him this opportunity.


Adam, 18, UOW student, surfer, socialiser, nature enthusiast.

Adam, 18, UOW student, surfer, socialiser, nature enthusiast.